What started off as an idea of two friends in a room, in front of a computer screen, is today an organization that continuously explores and promotes urban culture.

The beginning

Bios organization was born by two people that were involved in design, perfomative arts, music and new technologies. It started out as the first festival of experimental electronic music in Athens, BIOS 01.

The establishment of Bios.Pireos84 & The birth of Bios organization

The festival quickly came in need of a basis, so it settled at the building of Pireos.84 in 2002. The former factory was restored to its original state and became a cultural center that soon became the talk of the town for producing the most unconventional and exciting events in Athens. 

The success of Bios.Pireos84’s events had another radical effect on the area - the street of Pireos and its surroundings became full of life and triggered the creation of a series of cultural venues in the area, contributing siginificantly in the areas reformation. 

This was the birth of Bios organization. In its early years of its existence, the origanization focused on arts and their relationship with new technologies and media. 

The first creative hub in Athens

Bios organization acknowledged very early the creation of communities as the feature for creatives and the need for their active support.

In 2014, we established the first creative hub in Athens, Romantso. The building that used to host the printer house of the omonymous magazine was strategically chosen as it is located in a neglected spot in the historical center of Athens near Omonoia. We injected new life to the building and to the area always respecting the original architecture and the diversity that now characterizes this neighboorhood. 

Romantso soon became the meeting point for creatives and cultural professionals, artists and anyone interested in arts and creative industries in general. 

Taking it one step further – European Creative Hubs Network & Latraac

In 2016, Bios organization cooperated with Goethe Institut and the British Council for a project on creative hubs. The project became a network and Bios was one of its funding members. Today the network has 65 members and it operates from Bios.Pireos84.

The same year, we made another important step towards the revival of the center - Latraac was created. An old yard in the area of Kerameikos was transformed into a social garden.

We celebrate our past and invest in our creative future. We will continue to expand our efforts for a better urban environment in which arts can thrive and we wish to keep an open dialogue with Europe as well.

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