Our mission statement, our vision for the next six years and past period priorities.

We are a think tank, a production team, a creative community,we question the standards, experiment, learn by doing, we get rid of labels, push the boundaries, make space for new and exciting things to emerge.

We create playgrounds and utopias through contemporary visual and performing arts, media and civic actions for all creative misfits of today’s world.


We have been shaping the artistic identity and environment of our city through fresh, risk- taking cultural events, educational and research programs and by supporting young creative and cultural professionals, for the last 18 years, in a local and european level as well. 

We encourage risk-taking artistic expression and support artists at all stages in their career. We constantly produce events that challenge the common perception of arts and spectacles. Our productions have taken place in our physical locations and their surroundings, which are all placed in the historical center of Athens, contributing significantly in its revival. 

We have established strong and long lasting partnerships and collaborations with both local and European organisations. Our main goal is to make arts accesible to everyone, trigger genuine interest and offer compelling hands on educational and research programs -everything within the arts and culture context.

Through our community engagement events we have promoted social inclusion, diversity and gender equity. 

We celebrate our past and invest in our creative future.

OUR VISION FOR 2020 – 2026 Moving beyond 

Read about our action plan for the next six years.

Every 6 years we reevaluate our mission and activities and we reform in order to stay relevant with todays cultural and social changes and support our peer artistic communities.

In 2020 we see the world rapidly changing. The Covid crisis has hit hard society cancelling all kind of interrelations and our humaine habbits.

Sudenly the biological and the political become one. Attempts to contain the virus do not only involve disinfectant and medicine, but also military mobilizations and lockdowns of countries, borders, international flights, and trains.

Social distancing measures are pushing the individual into issolation and detachment from society and reality. On a practical level everyday life seems stalled and work and general purpose are in question.

"If philosophy ever manifested itself as helpful, redeeming, or prophylactic, it was in a healthy culture. The sick, it made ever sicker."
—Nietzsche, Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks

Today the artistic communities stand numb.
learning and research
estates and infrastructure
business model
in 6 years from today

How to harvest the energy from such permanent existential untranslatability and transform it into something productive?

For the next 6 years our priorities are:

  • Support cultural expression through arts, sports, entertainment, education.
  • Inspire audiences and trigger their interest in arts- ultimately grow our audience.
  • Invent new ways to blend different art forms.
  • Support cultural and creative professionals.
  • Revive Athen’s historical center. 
  • Keep an open dialogue with Europe.

2014 – 2020 European reach & Latraac

Staying true to its mission, Bios moved to a radical move in 2018: the creation of Latraac. This was also the year that European Creative Hubs Network was established.

2008 – 2014 Creative entrepreneurship

We established the first creative hub in Greece, Romantso. After a long period of interaction with artists, cultural and creative professionals, and as part of the creative community ourselves, we understood the need to actively support artists, creative startups and promote young enterpreunership.

2002 – 2008 Athens Center for today’s art and the cross media

What started off as an idea of two friends in a room, in front of a computer screen, is today an organization that continuously explores and promotes urban culture.

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